View Full Version : Different ways to integrate subs into film

14th January 2002, 15:30
hey i was wondering is it possible to load subs up in wmp like for example load up the japanese version of a file without subs then go: load 'english' subs or something. The reason i thought this may b possible is because i read it somewhere but i can't rememeber where i read it.

I would also like to know is it possible to load external audio tracks and subtitles with commands like as in run 'blablah.avi' -sub -2ndaudio??

wishing to hear your, 'oh so helpful' advice!


14th January 2002, 16:12

Download VobSub
it can handle different subtitles formats and runs with wmp.

If you want to have multiple audio streams, you could use morgan stream switcher. Just mux the 2 streams with the video using nandub.