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6th April 2008, 18:26
Hello All, what program would you recommend using to re-encode a Full DVD but have it encode on the permanent subtitle stream I select? For some reason I have this cheep DVD player that doesn't always display the forced subtitles, like Star Wars 1, so I have to manually select the subtitle stream I want all the time, so I would like to permanently encode the stream right onto the video.

Thank you

Video Dude
8th April 2008, 18:05
You can do it with manual steps.

Without going into detail: Create a d2v project file and avisynth script. Re-encode to mpeg-2 with a program like HC. Then reauthor with Muxman. If you want to retain menus, you can replace the vobs using VobBlanker or use PGEdit to import the menus.

There is an Avisynth plugin for subtitles.

One challenge would be the anamorphic video. The subtitles would be distorted when played back.

I think you can overcome this by resizing to 852x480, overlay the subtitles, then resize back to 720x480. (Assuming you are in NTSC land).

8th April 2008, 20:53
Ok, thanks man.

I was able to re-encode the movie and put permanent subs using DVD2SVCD(DVD) and CCE

9th April 2008, 12:24
Ever verified the settings of your standalone? Usually they override the DVD settings which would ignore forced subs unless turned on in your player's setup menu.