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25th March 2008, 12:40
Hi everyone.

Are you using the BackupHDDVD (by muslix64) or the DumpHD (by KenD00),
and you must give them always an exta 'title key database' or an 'key database' ?

- You don't know how to write an .cfg file or you're to lazy to write it with the editor ?


I wrote an simply java tool with 4 KB (very mini =D) and everything you
have to do is to start the application (Step by Step introduction in the
given README file). It will request you to write firstly the title of the movie,
secondly the HASH of the VTKF.AACS file (from your HDDVD disk) and at last the
variable number of Title Key. (Look at the picture below)

- The TOOL will create two files in the Cfg_WriterTool folder:
- KEYDB.cfg
- TKDB.cfg

KEYDB for DumpHD and TKDB for BackupHDDVD.

Now you must copy the File you need in the folder where the [BackupHDDVD; DumpHD].jar file is:
- BackupHDDVD : 'run' folder
- DumpHD_0.21 : 'dumphd_0.21' folder

Download link via RapidShare:

http://rapidshare.com/files/.../Cfg_WriterTool.zip (http://rapidshare.com/files/102209453/Cfg_WriterTool.zip)

Please read the "README.txt" file and the "FAQ.txt" before asking me any questions. :readfaq::thanks:

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* Java Application & Zip File* * BY**at93 *
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