View Full Version : Anyway to reduce the AV interleaving overhead?

13th January 2002, 11:31

I had a movie which used 64 kb/s WMA2 audio, but the speech was too soft. So I extracted the WMA as WAV in NanDub v1.0rc2, used WinAmp to convert the WMA to WAV, then used DeDynamic to boost the sound my 6 dB. Great! However when I interleave the original video with my +6dB audio in NanDub (using WMA2 64 kb/s audio compression), the final AVI is some 5 MB larger than originally and won't fit on a 80 min CD.

Any clues ? (can't reduce end titles)


western shinma
13th January 2002, 11:44
Just change the interleave from the default of every frame to 500 ms.