View Full Version : VobSub problem with DirectX 8.1?

13th January 2002, 02:42
After fiddling around with VobSub alot, I found out that graphs created with graphedit and VobSub 2.07 work well within graphedit under all circumstances, but fail to show subtitles when the graph is saved as an .avi under DirectX8.1!However, the very same .avi will work well under other DirectX versions!

Asking around revealed that this problem seems to go down to older versions of VobSub too, at least I got the same behaviour with VobSub 2.01

Can anybody else confirm this problem and/or tell me if there is a workaround for it? Gabest?

13th January 2002, 04:50
Are you using XP?

Is there any difference when you dragndrop the grf into the player or when select Open... from the menu?

13th January 2002, 10:37
Whoah. Excellent guess. Yes on both accounts.

Yes, I'm running XP, and yes, when I use the "Open" function from within the media player it works, if I drag the file to the media player icon or just doubleclick on the avi which extension is linked to media player (which is what I did before) it fails.

So it seems you know where the problem lies?

13th January 2002, 15:42
To me media player in xp tries to search the source avi at c:\..., instead of where it was launched from, if there is no given path in the grf file. Try copying all your source files (avi+subs) there to see if this is also true at you.

15th January 2002, 22:09
i think i have a similar problem.

i create a D2V file and i use VobSub for Sub's.
in AVIUTIL i creat a project with the Sub's ... i can see the sub's on the preview Window but not when i try to display it in Mplayer.

any ideas ??


16th January 2002, 08:37

are the filenames of the subtitle files (idx, ifo, sub) the same as the name of the moviefile?

16th January 2002, 11:46
Yes all the files are with the same Name (e.g)


but no Sub's on "Stream"