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14th March 2008, 11:03
what do you think about this pinnacle stick?
(the idea is to capture stuff from analog cable and digitalVB-T via included antena)

a. should be usefull as a part of HTPC later on, especially the remote, any clues?
b. can i use some other software for capturing, like VLC maybe, HTPC software compatibility?
c. other hardware/software suggestions?:thanks:

18th March 2008, 20:35
Hi there

Sorry I don't have any answers to your question, but I can give you some info regarding my DVB-T card.

I'm using the K-World DVB-T1000, it uses a Philips tuner and has BDA drivers ( very cheap price ).

The native software comes from HonestTech, including a viewing application, Mpeg Encoder, DVD authoring program and some others.

The TV card works well with an external aerial but not some good with a portable one.

The viewing software is OK, but I opted for DVBViewer Pro as it allows you to edit the transponder details for channels and the video quality appears better IMO.

The HonestTech viewing application needs to be 'retuned' in the evening if you need to watch BBC3 or 4. With DVBViewer Pro, you can save the lists of channels and create a 'Favourite List' which saves you having to retune. Also DVBViewer Pro allows you to use various codecs for optimal video/audio configuration, HonestTech use their own ( I'm led to believe ).

Both programs have an EPG but this is only available if the broadcaster provides this. Onscreen the EPG format provided by DVBViewer Pro is better and easier to follow, both have 7 Days ( DVBViewer allows you to save this in HTML format for viewing at any time ).

The HonestTech viewing software allows you to record via remote.

Both programs allow you to record in PS ( Program Stream format ).

For recording and archiving purposes, I record in PS format and then use VideoRedo TVSuite to correct the video stream and edit out the commercials. This will then allow me to save the video as a Mpeg2 file.

I then use Virtual Dub to encode with the Xvid codec ( 2x pass ) for archiving purposes.

However I notice that your card supports DivX, so it may allow you to record directly with the DivX codec. This feature would also be available to you if you have an earlier version of the DivX codec ie 6.x. As you can select the capture source as your TV card and it will encode 'on the fly'.

19th March 2008, 09:22
chrome307, tnx, however i was led to belive i could capture in native transmission format (at least the DVB-T part) which is in my case some sort of mpeg4?

20th March 2008, 19:13
Yes I would imagine that you can capture in Mpeg4, but I would imagine that this will only be as a single pass, however I might be wrong.

Just to let you know if your looking at UK TV, there are various resolutions used by broadcasters, BBC usually use 720x576, but Channel 5 and others use lower resolutions for broadcast at times.

BTW Not to sure about analog capture, as I would have suggested a SVHS input instead of composite where possible for better playback/recording.