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12th January 2002, 16:07
I made Subtitles using VobSub Through Gknot and there is a slight problem: I'm not able to show the subs in WMP using DVobSub (The language Option whent I right click during playback is grayed out).
I know the subtiltes that I have created are working because I muxed them into the avi and they are working great. I read the Doom 9's docs. and worked as they instructed and still I can't show them. Can anybody help me?

12th January 2002, 17:43
are the names of the ifo, idx and sub the same as the name of the movie file?

12th January 2002, 20:36
Yes they are. the guide says that the prog generates 3 files: ifo idx and sub but when i check the directory only 2 files were added but I have ifo and 2 sub files (.idx and .sub). what do you think the problem is?