View Full Version : TV card with NTSC and PAL - Is it too much to ask for?

12th January 2002, 01:46
I have happily owned a basic Hauppauge WinTV card for about 4 years, but it's time to upgrade and I'm stuck on a serious problem.

I live in North America but I need it to support both PAL and NTSC because I have a PAL camcorder. Initially I wanted th Radeon 8500DV - seems like an awesome card - but it only has one of the two on a board.

So I have two questions:

1) Can I have a Radeon 8500DV and my old WinTV at the same time? I would use the Radeon for TV and the WinTV for the camcorder, but I'm not sure if the drivers would conflict or anything like that.
If not, could I, say, double-boot XP and 2000 and have one installed on each OS?

2) Is there any good TV card out there that would support both? I couldn't find anything. Heck, even Hauppauge doesn't make dual-standard boards anymore. I'd need the ability to capture full-screen uncompressed, and possibly a remote, too.

12th January 2002, 02:24
Perhaps you could try importing a card from europe, virtually everything is dual-standard there. My Hauppage card bought 2 months ago does PAL & NTSC fine.

14th January 2002, 02:09
Having both devices installed *should* work, especially if you use the VFW drivers for the WinTV and WDM drivers for the Radeon.