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11th January 2002, 21:41
i have a problem with a few of my tv captures (pal movies, non-interlaced). it seems that every 15th frame a frame is duplicated. that is constant during the whole movie and not so funny to look at during playback.
so i wonder if there is a filter or something wich can detect and delete a duplicated frame. or something that can delete every x th frame.

thanks for any answer

13th January 2002, 01:28
Decimate filter for VirtualDub can delete 1 of every N,
picking the one that is most similar to its preceding frame.

13th January 2002, 15:18
Wow! I was offline for only a month and THE Donald Graft has joined Doom9's forum... Welcome...

Thank you for your great VD filters.



13th January 2002, 17:17
just encoded a 5 min test and it works fine.

15th January 2002, 22:54
@Ookami (Mijo)

Thank you for your kind words! Believe me, it is my honor and pleasure to be able to make things that people find useful. I am here because I noticed what a great group of knowledgable and helpful people are gathered here. And it is a good thing to keep in touch with the users of one's products.

16th January 2002, 14:57

BTW, nice new design (I haven't been there for a few weeks) of your site... Can I vote for a automatic ghost reduction filter for VD? The one I know (exzorcist) doesn't work for me :( .

All the best and I hope you enjoy your stay here (I feel like a steward saying this, LOL).



20th January 2002, 01:26
Repeated frames are normal for encoding a 24fps movie source to 25fps PAL.

20th January 2002, 12:44
i think the film would be speeded up to 25fps for pal playback. but may be if they want the film a little bit longer.... ( longer film = more commercials )