View Full Version : Append error : different data formats

11th January 2002, 22:07
Well, the subject says it :
I encoded a movie and its end credits separately, DivX4.11 , 2 pass, no sound. Now I want to join them.
But it says "Can't append segment : the video streams have different data formats".

But they are both DivX4.11, 620x246, 24.000 fps, no sound.

I read the guides and tried to cut the end of the first AVI, as advised : one frame, then two frames, no success.

Do I need to cut more ?

Thank you for any advices

13th January 2002, 18:38
did you encode one file with "full processing mode" and the other with "fast recompress" ? that can make problems.

13th January 2002, 19:56
Thank you very much, that solved my problem :)
I didn't pay attention about the encoding of the end credits, they were actually full processed while the movie was fast recompressed.

9th August 2005, 00:01
I read you could change the colordeph with an hexeditor, how to do such a thing ?