View Full Version : Permanently join subs with DivX for further Encoding e.g. SVCD ?

11th January 2002, 16:57
That's the Deal. I've got a Movie in DivX format. And subtitles in .srt Format. Now I tried to mux it with Submux. This worked out very well now I've got the Subtitles in the Avi. But when I tried to encode this avi to Mpeg2 the subs are gone. Well I think this is normal... but is there a way to get them permanently into the Avi so they also show up after encoding to Mpeg2?

Cause the Movie is in french and the subs are english and I don't understand french very well :D

Thx a lot ^^

11th January 2002, 20:01
Not without reencoding.

You can, though, get SRT2SSA convertor (there's a lot of them out there...), and use Avery Lee's Subtitler plugin in VirtualDub/NanDub/AviSynth part of encoding.