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20th February 2008, 07:09
This thread is meant to hold links and references to test video clip sequences intended to be used for various video tests which may include compatibility, visual quality, decoding, encoding, filtering, and stress testing. Feel free to post updates and/or links to additional resources afterwards; I'll to incorporate them into this first post as I have a chance.

Xiph.org Test Media: "Our collection of test sequences and clips for evaluating compression technology."

Derf: video sequences that are "widely in the video compression research community". These are analog sources in uncompressed YUV4MPEG format.
Clips: akiyo, bowing, carphone, claire, coastguard, container, deadline, flower, football, foreman, garden, grandma, hall_monitor, hall_objects, husky, mad900, miss_am, mobile (aka train and calendar), mother_daughter, mthr_dotr, pamphlet, paris, salesman, sign_irene, silent, stefan, students, suzie, tempete, tennis, trevor, tt

Elephants Dream is available at 1080p and 360p in losslessly compressed PNG files under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 license via BitTorrent:

Firebelly: A series of dark, high-contrast clips. These are miniDV originals. Includes the A jester in the forest, Firebelly chain torches, Firebelly by moonlight, Firebelly torch swinging, and Gothism sequences.

HD Greetings's uncompressed 1080p video
Clips: Factory, Life, Dinner
Terms: "These clips are provided for benchmarking, research, and testing only. The video is copyrighted material and HD Greetings retains all rights to it. You may post part or all of the content on another site if it's for one of these purposes. If you link to the videos, please link to this page instead of directly to the videos. Thanks."

Video Quality Experts Group Test Sequences: "All sequences are from interlaced video source except src13 which was converted from 24Hz film by the 3/2 pull down method and src1 which has no motion."

drmpeg/dr1394/ron's MPEG-2 Transport Stream Test Patterns and Tools.
Clips: 'New Mobile and Calendar', 'Park Run' sequences as transport streams (.ts)

Sveriges Television: The SVT High Definition Multi Format Test Set. Stockholm 2006-03-01
Description: ftp://vqeg.its.bldrdoc.gov/HDTV/SVT_MultiFormat/SVT_MultiFormat_v10.pdf
"picked from the demanding, but not unduly so, multi-genre TV-program ‘Fairytale’ (by SVT) mastered in 3840x2160p/50."
Terms: "Individuals and organizations extracting sequences from this archive agree that the sequences
and all intellectual property rights therein remain the property of Sveriges Television AB (SVT), Sweden. These sequences may only be used for the purpose of developing, testing and presenting technology standards. SVT makes no warranties with respect to the materials and expressly disclaim any warranties regarding their fitness for any purpose."
Clips: CrowdRun, ParkJoy, DucksTakeOff, IntoTree, OldTownCross, TestPatterns in 576i25, 720p50, 1080i25, 1080p50, and 2160p50

Clips: NewMobCal, ParkRun, SthlmPan

Clips: Aspen, ControlledBurn, RedKayak, RushFieldCuts, SnowMnt, SpeedBag, TouchdownPass, WestWindEasy

Clips: Bus, City, Crew, Football, Foreman, Harbour, Ice, Mobile, Soccer
Formats: .264, .yuv
Resolutions: 176x144, 352x288, 704x576

Clips: MobCal, ParkRun, Stockholm, Shields, Blue sky, Pedestrian Area, Riverbed, Rush-hour, Station, Sunflower, Tractor
Resolutions: 576i, 720p, 1080i, 1080p

University of Missouri-Columbia Multimedia Communications and Visualization Laboratory. Includes akiyo, coastguard, container, foreman, hall, mobile, mother_daughter, news, silent, and stefan (many are the same sequences as in the Xiph.org Derf collection).

Berkeley MPEG Tools distribution. Includes the flower and tennis sequences.

raw HDV files in m2t format from a Sony FX-1 camera
Clips: mallard, mosquito, swan, rackfocus

Library of broken mpeg2 transport stream .ts samples

Dark Shikari
20th February 2008, 07:55
I know there's a site with Parkrun and others at 720p/1080i/1080p in raw YUV format, but I keep losing the link; someone care to post it?

Reuf Toc
20th February 2008, 08:34
I think you are talking about this one :


Another one with 1080p uncompressed video :


20th February 2008, 08:36
Here are some links:




Dark Shikari
28th February 2008, 08:09
Here's a test clip.

Touhou: PCB [encoder hell test clip] (http://mirror05.x264.nl/Dark/force.php?file=./LosslessTouhou.mkv)

Format: Lossless H.264 640x480 60fps 40 megabit

3rd June 2010, 13:42
There is an online database of high quality video tests clips. It is very well documented about the aquisition and processes applied to sequences.
Access and videos are free for research and development (and personnal use I guess) but you need to register.

5th June 2010, 13:10
I've made this thread sticky, although it might be better to move it to a different forum?

13th October 2013, 22:51
the link for the derf's collection are all down, anyone with the updated download link


19th May 2019, 22:21
I wanted some 10 bit samples and just came across a bunch of various samples from KODI Wiki here:- https://kodi.wiki/view/Samples


1 3D Test Clips
2 HD Audio Test Clips
3 Codecs, Framerates and Subtitles
4 4K (UltraHD)
5 Bitrate Test Clips
6 Resources for Additional Test Clips or Samples
7 Library samples
7.1 Ned's fake movie library
7.2 Music library
7.3 Fake Sports TV Show library
7.4 Homebrew Games and Game ROMs
8 See also

EDIT: And some more,
Where to get video, audio and image samples (CNXSoft – Embedded Systems News) :- https://www.cnx-software.com/2010/03/17/where-to-get-video-audio-and-image-samples/

EDIT: Ultra Video Group (Unit of Computing Sciences at Tampere University, Finland) :- http://ultravideo.cs.tut.fi/#main

27th June 2021, 13:21
Found on a flee mart:
I have digitalized a 3 min. 8mm Laurel&Hardy "La voiture aux encheres". (car in auction or something)
Rough, ungraded, HD, Stabilized (but with borders).
EDIT: (dirty and scratched, fluctuating light)

I could share it if this could interest someone.

But what about rights?

27th June 2021, 15:15
Source samples are more appropriate here, not processed/fixed samples.

EDIT: Some of the previous given full size samples [maybe Elephants Dream, or Tears Of Steel] are truly massive,
something like 800GB lossless/uncompressed in some cases, audio samples too can be enormous.
But some, samples are examples of problem video.

27th June 2021, 16:02
Do you mean, the file out of the camera right after capture = the clip before stabilisation?
But still, I can process the excellent script I have ;) that removes duplicated/mixed frames to become a frame accurate capture?

27th June 2021, 16:20
the clip before stabilisation?
Clip before anything is done, ie source.
These samples are intended as test sequences, not results of some obscure processing.

The clean lossless/uncompressed samples, can be used eg to create problem video, which can then be used as problem source,
and test clips for implementing tools to fix the synthesized problem.

It is advantageous to have test clips without eg compression artefacts, when trying to create a filter to fix some problem,
artefacts make it harder to find algo that works best for a specific problem.

[But some of the samples are actual example problem clips]

When someone posts about a problem clip, any responders always want the source clip,
the result of failed processing is no use at all to someone wanting to assist to solve a problem.
[although a poster could ALSO post the tried and failed script, so responder can re-create and see results attained so far].

Before clip and successful After clip [maybe side by side] can be interesting and informative, but failed After clip
on its own is almost pointless.

27th June 2021, 16:30
No obscure treatment, of course.
But I cannot post the film reel :p
Ideal woild be raw output from cam. But mine cannot.
Best is XAVC-I MXF 4:2:2 Intra 5.2 (well, mp4)
So, still, compressed.
From this, I only remove the unuseful frames and crop, can output AVI.

27th June 2021, 16:55
But I cannot post the film reel
Yes of course, digitized OK.
Best is XAVC-I MXF 4:2:2 Intra 5.2 (well, mp4)
So, still, compressed.
If that is the closest to RAW that you have, then that on its own might be of interest (as an example of "XAVC-I MXF 4:2:2 Intra 5.2").
[I have no real idea what it is, although I think I just used FfMpegSource on your earlier posted clips].
And also any dupe removal and crop is probably OK too, so long as result is at least lossless.
But maybe no deshaker, nor deflicker, nor descratcher, nor denoiser type stuff applied.

27th June 2021, 17:04
"XAVC-I MXF 4:2:2 Intra 5.2"

I have no real idea what it is

It's just a normal H.264 10bit planar but with all the frames encoded as Intra (like --keyint 1) and --slices 8.
Nothing too fancy...

27th June 2021, 17:05
Oh nice, tanks FABB.

27th June 2021, 19:11
It's just a normal H.264 10bit planar but with all the frames encoded as Intra (like --keyint 1) and --slices 8.
Nothing too fancy...

Seems so easy...:)
So, after dupe removal + crop, I just can export it in Vdub as H264 10bit planar Intra and this will produce no loss? Or is uncompressed AVI better?

Anyway, I'll post both files.

27th June 2021, 20:35
Either or both probably well accepted.
[it not for me to tell you what you can and cannot post, but if everybody posted processed holiday clips, would make the list of limited interest due to the
mass of non useful (for test purposes) clips].

Some of the clips are posted by eg TV stations, Universities, 30 secs or so duration and professionally produced without lossy compression.
Not sure, think those last two links in post #9 might fit that description.

Would be nice if an old 60 secs or so source clip was provided by the likes of VideoFred and/or JohnMeyer,
along with the specific processing script/s, and maybe also link to result on YT, (either here or maybe better suited in their own threads),
so that others could reproduce both the procedure and results [and also learn from the experience].
Your clips and results would likewise be of interest to many. [maybe post here and link to fix thread].
In such case, then could defo (definitely) provide the MXF and dedup scripts too.

EDIT: FranceBB posted something like that a little while ago, probably a candidate for this list too.
[Sky advert I think]

30th June 2021, 22:10
Thank you for your explaination.

Ok, I'll post these MXF + unduped version in some cleaning thread perhaps.
As they seem more interesting for cleaning/degrain purposes than for the file itself.
Ok for restoration clips and scripts. Gotta setup something clear first though.

Some of the clips are posted by eg TV stations, Universities, 30 secs or so duration and professionally produced without lossy compression.

In that context, I might have something more adapted. Hope it is of any interest.
No lossy compression, professionally produced in our macro shooting studio.
It is a Red R3D 4K 16bit 39seconds file. 2GB. (https://nmldqjct.preview.infomaniak.website/shared_files/index.php/s/kg4F8AWp2gWrCYL) It is a RAW file resulting from macro motion control tests.
I didn't find a way to open it in Avisynth64 though. If someone knows how, I'd be curious to try.

1st July 2021, 01:14
Sounds good.

3rd July 2021, 12:19
It is a RAW file resulting from macro motion control tests.
I didn't find a way to open it in Avisynth64 though. If someone knows how, I'd be curious to try.

You didn't find a way 'cause there's no way.
When I first got my first red file, there were no indexers, so I installed the codec and put the money on DirectShowSource. Needless to say I was pretty disappointed as the codec wasn't really a codec meant to be used by Windows but rather a plugin to allow AVID Media Composer and other NLE to link the file and transcode it... :(

3rd July 2021, 14:22
Ah, too bad, Thanks for your lights.

A certain Gabor Kertai developped something for R3D some years ago.
But only 8-bit due to Avisynth limitation at this moment if I get it right.

R3D source plugin for AviSynth (http://arenafilm.hu/alsog/avisynthr3d/)
R3D input plugin for VirutalDub (https://web.archive.org/web/20130206150117/http://arenafilm.hu/alsog/vdr3d)
The Avisynth 32 bit plugin can be found in a plugins pack in this doom9 post (https://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?p=1830249#post1830249).

3rd July 2021, 16:31
Yes, but that plugin is only for very very very very old files and doesn't work with new .r3d files, sadly... :(