View Full Version : DVD-subs to text without OCR?

12th February 2008, 14:12
I have always been under the impression that subtitles on a DVD were actually bmp-files showed on top of the DVD-movie as a little movie on its own.

Therefore I thought it to be impossible to extract the subtitles from a DVD without using OCR (Subrip).

But according to a person I spoke to FarUseWizard http://www.fairusewizard.com is supposed to be able to do just this.

Have I got it all wrong? Is it possible to extract subtitles from a DVD to text without using OCR?

12th February 2008, 18:41
Perhaps you or the person you spoke to misunderstood the other party.

You can extract subtitles without applying OCR. However, this will not result in text subtitles...

12th February 2008, 21:27
If you want to make text subtitles from some bitmaps, the only way is OCR.

From your own link, I found:

I would like to have subtitles as a separate file rather than embbeded in the video ?
Check the "extract subtitles" box and select the desired subtitles track to get an IDX file and a SUB file. The files have the VobSub format, and can be read as is on most standalone players.
You can also use VSRip or SubRip to extract and/or convert the subtitles from the IFO and VOB files extracted in the project folder if "extract subtitles" is checked.

VobSub subtitles are bitmaps!