View Full Version : After Azid to lame...do you still have to set the delay??

10th January 2002, 19:14
After Azid decodes a .ac3 to .wav and lame encodes it...do you still have to set the delay. Like if it is named freak -84ms.ac3 to begin with would you still have to set the delay to -84ms when using the .mp3. Im using dvd2avi currently and i know it will write to a .ac3 or a .wav. Now if i wrote the file to a .wav instead of a .ac3 here would there still be a delay needed. I can't tell because when i rip the audio to .ac3 it will come up with a -84ms delay...but if i rip it to a .wav it doesnt list a delay at all. So if there is a delay needed with the .wav how would you know unless you started a .ac3 file aswell?? How exactly does this work?

western shinma
10th January 2002, 21:11
DVD2AVI compensates for the delay when outputting to WAV. Azid does not, but if you use BeSweet there is an option to set the delay.