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10th January 2002, 12:16
I have two divx clips i want to append to each other

ones about 689mband the other is like ~10mb

to do that in virtual dub requires the audio sampling rate to be the same and i would have no clue how to do that

the larger clip has 48000hz or whatever and when i try to recompressthe smaller one to that frequency it still says tyhe sampling rate is not the smae when i try to append

anyone able to help?


10th January 2002, 15:34
if you use vdub, you might select full processing mode on audio and choose the desired samplerate...

11th January 2002, 03:33
i tried that

vdub doesnt have all the options to make the audio exactly the same

i changed the frequency so its the smae but it still says its wrong

what other things do i need the same?


11th January 2002, 04:03
can't guarantee success, but you may want to try that using nandub instead, it was pretty heavily modified in audio processing.

11th January 2002, 12:09
1st : you can only append the two files if video settings ( resolution, framerate, etc. are exactly the same, irrespective of what vdub is saying now .... it may happen you fix the audio and Vdub will complain about video not being the same then

2nd : Only way i could think of to get the audio be the same is to
- extract both sound streams to WAV files
- resample one of them to be same sampling rate as the other
- merge both WAVs to one big WAV containing complete sound of movie in Cooledit
- reencode the WAV to MP3 or whatever
- mux the new MP3 file with the ( merged ) video files

To test if it makes sense i would do the following :

Open both AVIs in Virtualdub. Set 'video' to 'Direct Stream Copy'. Set 'audio' to 'no audio'. Save both as new AVIs with new name like 'moviexyz_videoonly.avi'.

Open 1st and try to append 2nd. As there is no sound with them now this is the easiest way to find out if Vdub can merge the video streams. If it cant ..... save your time and do something else ...

12th January 2002, 10:44
hey thanks for that very informative last reply ChristianHJW

even though fps and resolution of the video was the same i did what you said and the video couldnt be combined

so theres no way possible?

what if i dont care about audio being in sync or not and jsut want the rest tacked on?


12th January 2002, 19:08
If you followed ChristianHJWs advice and stripped the sound out of both avis and they still don't join I would try using AviUtil.


Sometimes it will join avis that nandub can't. ;)