View Full Version : subtitles and dvd how?

10th January 2002, 11:39
I can see in streamweaver that it accepts sup files for subtitles. Do I just use subrip to extract them to my disk from the vob files? If I extract them to sup I get serveral thousand files?

How do I extract subtitles for usage with dvd?

10th January 2002, 15:32
these sup files must be demuxed with CDMotion VobSnoopy first.
Then you can mux it with Streamweaver.

The subrip rippes the bitmap information of those subpicture streams, which you can use for an authoring tool.

10th January 2002, 15:53
Cdmotion vobsnoopy aint part of DVD Motion Pro 7? I can't find it anywhere? Is that program for sale seperatly?

Is it possible to use subtitles with bbmpeg? In case how do i demux the subtitles for use with bbmpeg?

Thanks again :)

10th January 2002, 16:04
You can find vobsnoopy here:

Don't know how bbmpeg handles subtitles, or even if it does.
So I'm overquested about that.