View Full Version : AVI_IO Bug - Erroneous Disk Full Message

Mark Fredrickson
10th January 2002, 08:49
AVI_IO is coded to initially create enough 0 size files that will eventually maximize the amount of free disk space (eg. if you set your AVI_IO max file size to 1GB and you have 30GB of free disk space, 30 zero size files will be created when you start the capture).

When the last file is written completely and the capture is still going, AVI_IO stops and reports a disk full error.

However, it looks like AVI_IO uses the codec's reported max buffer size to keep track of the amount it is writing to the file, but it actually only writes the content of the buffer which is usually less than the reported size.

This became very apparent after using the patched version of Huffyuv (see related topic Huffyuv Bug is Fixed) since the the reported buffer size was increased significantly (due to the patch).

The 30GB of free disk space should have given me about an hour of video capture. I started that capture and after about a half hour AVI_IO stopped with a 'disk full' error. I checked my 1GB AVI_IO files and they were only half full (500 MB). This also explains why before the patch, I never got 4096 MB files when I set the max file size to 4096.

I've emailed Markus about this and maybe he will fix it.

If anybody else has any ideas on how to get AVI_IO working correctly, I would appreciate hearing about it.