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10th January 2008, 10:02
my avs code is like this

I use the tool of avs2wav,why i can't encoder this film produce file of audio.wav
The Audio.wav was 0KB,it dosen't increase.

But I use the kmplayer can open the avs file.

And I use the GraphEdit open the file of avs,it is mean
like this
Avisynth audio #1 Audio.avs -> Audio Input pin (renderer) Default DirectSoud Device

Anyone knows it ?What can I do ?

10th January 2008, 12:37
Render "test.rmvb" in GraphEdit to see how the graph is built.

11th January 2008, 02:55
I render test.rmvb in GraphEdit See like this

Output CD1.rmvb-> Audio Stream-> RealAudio Decoder-> Default DirectSound Device
Output CD1.rmvb-> Video Stream-> RealVideo Decoder->Video Renderer

11th January 2008, 03:59
Does the rendered graph correctly play if you click the play button.

You might be able to delete the "Default DirectSound Device" and the "Video Renderer", save the remaining graph as a .GRF file and load it into an AudioDub(DirectShowSource("...grf", audio=false), DirectShowSource("...grf", video=false))

11th January 2008, 04:26
I use the GraphEdit can play the test.rmvb ,But when I delete "Default DirectSound Device" and the "Video Renderer", the GraphEdit Can't play it.Does this is the problem?
I delete the "Default DirectSound Device" and the "Video Renderer", save the remaining graph as a .test.grf file ,and
write a avs file with your suggestions,like this
AudioDub(DirectShowSource("test.grf", audio=false), DirectShowSource("test.grf", video=false))
I use the Kmplayer Open the avs file ,but kmplayer echo like this
DirectShowSource:GRF file does not have a compatible open video pin.Graph must have 1 output pin that will bid RGB24,RGB32,AGB32,ARGB,YUY2 or YV12 (D:\Test\Test.avs,line 1)

15th January 2008, 09:33
Anybody can help me?

15th January 2008, 12:56
Try thisBlankClip()
AudioDub(DirectShowSource("test.grf", video=false))