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curious d
2nd January 2008, 03:42
Hi. I was wondering if there was another freeware program besides DVD Decrypter that rips in IFO mode (to be used for video compression to Xvid file with AutoGK). I know that RI4M can be use with DVD Decrypter to rip in file mode, but I don't think it can be configured to rip in IFO mode. Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks.

2nd January 2008, 05:12

The "ancient" SmartRipper has that capability - and, as an added bonus, it can do it from DVD "packages" (.IFOs, .BUPs, and .VOBs) that reside on your hard drive ;>}

May I ask why you need something OTHER THAN DVD Decrypter to rip in ".IFO mode"?

curious d
3rd January 2008, 06:20
Right now, the process is rip with RI4M which is in file mode, then repackage it in the decrypted form to an ISO file. Then mount ISO file to rip again with DVD Decrypter in IFO mode. Since DVD Decrypter can not rip newer DVD's, I need to go in this round about manner to get the files prepared for AutoGK. Looking to cut down some time. Thanks.

3rd January 2008, 08:41
Now that you've made it a bit clearer as to "why", you might look into using "AnyDVD" in conjunction with (believe it or not) DVD Decrypter (in "IFO" mode)

BTW, Although I'm not a user of AutoGK, would it suffice to use RipIt4me in "movie only" mode?...

4th January 2008, 00:53
BTW, Although I'm not a user of AutoGK, would it suffice to use RipIt4me in "movie only" mode?...
It will as long as it's a movie, but it has the same limitations as AutoGK on episodic disks. DVD Fab HD Decrypter by itself will easily process either type in "Main Movie" mode, and in one step. The output is split in 1 GB files, but AutoGK will load them all when the first one is selected. The only extra work involved is renaming the VIDEO_TS folder after each episode is ripped, purely for AutoGK's benefit.

curious d
7th January 2008, 18:42
Ah. Is that what the IFO mode is? Movie only? It seems to have worked. Thanks.