View Full Version : windows xp os img download

29th December 2007, 08:18
I was just hoping that someone could tell me where I can download a complete OEM IMG of windows xp. I seem to have lost my copy. I don't need the license key just a working image to burn to a disk for reinstalls.

29th December 2007, 09:02
wrong forum.

Hard Core Rikki
29th December 2007, 09:08
Provided you bought your computer/laptop at a shop with XP preloaded, the vendor should be in place to refurnish you with another preactivated copy for your system, depending on if they feel like it.
You should expect a fee of around 20-30 bucks for it if it's okayed, as it's basically just amounting to making a disc-based copy of restore discs that you already possesed or were supposed to make yourself (as in most Acers here, where no restore discs are usually furnished, and you have to make them yourself using the integrated backup software, if such restore images were not available on separate hidden partitions)

29th December 2007, 14:19
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