View Full Version : XMPEG shortens movie?

9th January 2002, 13:46
I used DVDDecrypter 3.0 and XMPEG 4.2a to rip and encode The Matrix (I know, it is everywhere, but I am just testing). I am using the 2-pass option of divx4 and LAME mp3 audio at 128Kb/sec.

I did manage to encode the movie, but for some reason, it stops encoding in the credits. The encoded avi file is 2:09:09 but the DVD is 2:10:46. I tried using the "encode whole movie" and entering the number of seconds to encode (2:10:46 converted to seconds) but got the same shortened movie.

Is this a known problem and if so, how do I avoid this problem?

I searched many places for an answer, but found none hence my question here.