View Full Version : can i burn a divx video file.......

14th December 2007, 18:17
........to DVD with shrink and DVD decrypter? I can't seem to find a way. But if not, is there a freeware app that i can use to burn it? i don't know if it's protected, but it's a very old movie so i don't think so. Definately needs shrinking tho. Thanks

14th December 2007, 18:33
How did you make the DivX? Why don't you just copy your original DVD?

14th December 2007, 22:13
It's not from a DVD, or at least not that i know of. It was emailed to me so i have no other source. My only option is to burn the file, but i have no idea what to use.

14th December 2007, 23:05
We can't help you with that, per forum rule 6: