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9th January 2002, 02:19
Ok, I've got meself a problem. I'm downloading a movie with Direct Connect. When the movie's like 25% done, explorer.exe crashes and restarts (as it does). When that happens, the systray is restarted, but not all the icons that are supposed to be there reappear. Direct Connect was one of them. It's still running, and I REALLY want this movie, so does anyone know of a way to get to the program?
I've tried Alt-Tab of course, no luck, and often such lost programs can be found by restarting the program, making the already running program reappear, but Direct Connect creates another instance of itself.
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

I'm running WinME (I know, I bought it like this, and I'm gonna change it, ok?)

9th January 2002, 06:54
that's prblm w/ Win9x kernel. when you restart explorer.exe it doesn't restore all icons.
either upgrade to NT kernel OS or contact Direct Connect for support.