View Full Version : popcorn hour a-100

24th November 2007, 20:24
I wanted to get one of these boxes, registered twice and never even got a acknowledgment email from them. Anyone know what is going on with this company?

24th November 2007, 20:26
What company? What box?

24th November 2007, 21:17

The boxes are out of stock though, it even says so on the frontpage. I'd just give it some time.. the product is brand new and by the looks of it, the platform maker is actually entering the hardware business themselves and I guess they have some issues bringing up the rest of the business (production, supply lines, that kind of thing).

25th November 2007, 05:15
They said on their website that Nov 14th they would send "invitations" out. I never heard anything never got any update mail. Just wondered if anyone heard anything.

25th November 2007, 09:41
They went out, but on the 12th it was only to the first 50 people or so. More went out subsequently. You can check your position in line by looking at your site profile, there's still a looooooooong waiting list.