View Full Version : Sound disappears after 29min

18th November 2007, 18:22
I have captured a very long video (180 min) with virtualDub, using huffyuv as video encoding. No compression for audio (96KHz, PCM). I can play with no errors my avi in VirtualDub. I can hear audio till the end, and a file info shows the right audio length. When i serve my avi through avisynth (just a clip.Info()), I get no audio output after 29 minutes. If I open FileInfo in VDub, it is showing 29:29 as audio length. If I save audio as a wav file, I get tehe same problem: VDub creates an audio file of 180 min, but only get sound for 29 min.
I dont know how ca I solve this and why can this happen. Thanks!!

18th November 2007, 21:17
Post your script!