View Full Version : Printing subtitles in the black strip of a cropped movie

8th January 2002, 09:14

I'm currently looking for a player that would print the subtitles in the "virtual" black strip of a cropped movie...
We can find lots of them that will do that if you have left these two black strips in your divx without cropping them.

However when you have cropped your movie and play it full screen, any player will automatically add these two black strips (that I've called virtual)... I'd like to find a player that would be able to print the subtitles in this area and not on the movie itself.

Does such a beast exist ?


8th January 2002, 12:17
The beast for example is called windows media player in connection with VobSub (works perfectly for me). VobSub can extend 16:9 movies to 4:3 by adding those black borders. Now the subtitles are displayed not on the picture but on the borders.

Another one is MicroDVD Player, if i remember rightly.

8th January 2002, 15:05
I do this with MicroDVD, after ripping the subtitles with SubRip.

8th January 2002, 17:10
Maybe it is just me ;-)

I've tried these two players (WMP and MicroDVD) yesterday evening.
For WMP, I was using Vobsub included in Gknot and for MicroDVD, I was using SubRip...
I've also used a 3d player I forgot the name.
...in all case, the subtitles were printed on the movie itself and not on the added black border!

Just to make it clear, this movie in a window doesn't have the black borders since they were cropped, it was normal then to print the subtitles on the picture itself.
However when viewing the movie in full screen, I would have expected the player to print the subtitle in the black border...

I had quickly checked the possible options but I will double check...

8th January 2002, 17:16
I didn't change the settings in MicroDVD at all. I just use the defaults. Seems like MicroDVD puts the subs at the bottom om the screen no matter what aspect ratios I use.

8th January 2002, 17:59
Go to the VobSub options (in taskbar, the green arrow, then direct vobsub) and mark "extend to 4:3" and then save.

Close wmp and start again and voila!

Sven Bent
9th January 2002, 09:10
Funny i got mine subs below the crooped movie pciture

you just have to alter the seetigns in microDVD

i even fitted it so the it woulde put around to liens of text between pictures bottom and actual screen bottom (virtual black space)