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12th November 2007, 00:18
From version 1.25.0 of DVD ReBuilder PRO, it's possible to use an alternate matrix when using OPV:
- Updated OPV processing to allow an alternate matrix. Now
OPV will use the specified as "Main Feature Matrix." In
OPV the matrix will not change based upon bitrate -- as
it is necessary for predictions to be made using a single
matrix and quantizer/Q value.

I've tried this feature with DVD-RB PRO v1.26.5 and CCE SP2, backing up a DVD (full backup) using OPV, but the matrix I've selected in "Main Feature Matrix" is not present in REBUILDER.ECL after the prepare/analysis phase.
Anyone have tried an alternate matrix with CCE SP2 and OPV?
Don't work for me.

12th November 2007, 02:26
Yes. I donīt know why, but it is ignored. Maybe it is a bug. Also happens when you select other matrix than the default in "Enable Bitrate Distribution".


12th November 2007, 06:31
It works well with former CCE SP Trial 2.70, though. The matrix selected as "main feature matrix" is used for redistribution as described.

13th November 2007, 01:27
I'll check it out. CCE SP2 calls an entirely different routine than any of the other CCE versions -- because it's format is substantially different.

6th January 2008, 19:12
Bug is still present in version 1.26.6, I've tried to backup a dvd with CCE SP2 using OPV, I've selected a custom matrix for the main feature, but the resulting REBUILDER.ECL don't have the custom matrix.

6th January 2008, 19:40
I looked at it, and it worked for me... I'll look again.

6th January 2008, 20:40
I use different custom matrix, dumped from original dvd or taken from "Matrix Editor"; matrix is not present even in the ANALYSIS.ECL file (I look for the intra0=... inter7=... lines).
If you want other specific information, just ask...