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5th November 2007, 02:57

Im wanting to reauthor some episodic dvd 9's down to dvd5's without needing to re-encode (if poss).

Each ep has the same opening and closing sequence (1 cell opening, 1 cell closing). The structure is basically:
Opening Sequence, Main Episode content, Closing Sequence (each in a different cell)

Each episode is in a different VTS. eg VTS1 has Opening, Main ep1, Closing, VTS2 has Opening, Main ep2, Closing

What im wanting to do, is blank the opening/closing sequences from all but one VTS, and somehow change the navigation to play the opening sequence cell from VTS1, then the content from VTS2 then the closing sequence from VTS1.. and repeat for all the episodes.

Is this possible? I thaught it would be easy in dvd remake, but I think ive got a bit of a learning curve there :) - any pointers/help would be greatly appreciated!


5th November 2007, 11:16
Yes, in DVDRMP you can move the cells to a single VTS and then change the intor and credits cells for eps 2-4 to mirror ep 1 and so save a bit of space.

You could also do it by keeping the basic structure and using a combination of cell commands and conditional jumps (eg if episode 2, play cell 1 of ep 1, then jup to ep 2 then play cell 3 of ep 1, then back to the menu). That would require quite a bit of re-authoring, none of which is all that hard but can not definitively be explained without seeing the structure of the DVD.

All in all, DVDRMP is probably the easiest (both methods save a bit of space).


6th November 2007, 00:40
Thanks for the reply Blutach,

I think option 2 is my prefered way, ive got quite a few of these episodic dvd's to work through and would like to keep the original structure/menus etc inplace (i'll shrink the menus to stills tho). So I think it'll be worth working out how to do it.. I follow the theory, I dont however have any idea how to implement it :(

Is the conditional stuff needed? wouldnt it be possible to just change the command of ep2 to play the ep1 intro cell (instead of the ep 2 intro cell) ? and leave everything else as-is?.. (i'll be quiet now)

I'd really appreciate your assistance in getting me up to speed :)

Whats the best way to show the structure (attach the ifo's?)


6th November 2007, 01:12
On second thoughts, there are a few other things you could try:

1. Using something like DVD2One or Ner0 Recode, merge all the titles into one (this will reauthor the disk). After this, you can duplicate the title in PgcEdit (3 times) (Title --> New Play All Title) and in title 1, delete the cells referring to titles 2-4; in title 2, replace the 1st and last cell of title 2 with that corresponding to title 1. Then delete the cells relating to titles 1, 3 and 4. Continue for titles 3 and 4 and then reauthor the disk adding your menus, if necessary. Obviously, some command re-authoring will be necessary and only title 1 will play seamlessly.

2. Using the current structure, delete the cells corresponding to the opening and credits of titles 2-4 using PgcEdit. To play, you could play cell 1 of title 1 and execute a cell command taking you to a PGC where you could test which title you want to play and branch to it, after which you could play the title's closing credits via a jump to the relevant chapter of title 1.

Here's the sample flow:

First, after pressing the title you want to play, change the nav for all of them to go a new menu PGC as follows:

In this new menu PGC, which I will assume is in the VTSM domain, use the following type of command structure (assume buttons 1-4 correspond to titles 1-4). Set a (free) gprm (I've used 15) to the title number and go to the entry of title 1:

1 Set gprm(15) =(mov) sprm(8:Highlighted button number) ; gprm(15) is a temporary holding for the episode #
2 Set gprm(15) /=(div) 1024
3 (JumpVTS_PTT) Jump to TTN 1, Chapter 1 ; this is chapter 1 of ep 1, if it is different TTN, author it that way.

Now after entering title 1, cell 1 will play (opening). Author in a cell command to cell 1 to Jump to a (new) VMGM PGC:

1 (CallSS) Call the VMGM PGC XXX, resume cell 2

Now, here are the tests in VMGM PGC XXX (I'm assuming GPRM(14) is also free).

1 if ( gprm(15) == 1 ) then { RSM } ; this will resume at cell 2 if we are playing title 1
2 Set gprm(14) =(mov) 2
3 if ( gprm(15) == gprm(14) ) then { (JumpTT) Jump to Title 2 }
4 Set gprm(14) =(mov) 3
5 if ( gprm(15) == gprm(14) ) then { (JumpTT) Jump to Title 3 }
6 Set gprm(14) =(mov) 4
7 if ( gprm(15) == gprm(14) ) then { (JumpTT) Jump to Title 4 }
If title 1 was selected, it will now play the rest seamlessly.

But after titles 2, 3 and 4 end, you want them to go to the closing credits of title 1 (remember titles 2-4 have had their opening and closing credits deleted). So, author their post commands going to it (via of course another new VMGM PGC).

1 (CallSS) Call the VMGM PGC YYY, resume cell 1

VMGM PGC YYY will jump to the root menu of VTSM 1. Better still, if there is an unnamed menu (eg angle menu is not yet named), use this.

1 (JumpSS) Jump to VTSM 1, Angle menu (TTN 1)

Now, author a new PGC in VTSM 1 and designate it as the angle menu. It has only one precommand.

1 (JumpVTS_PTT) Jump to TTN 1, Chapter ZZZ ; chapter ZZZ being the chapter corresponding to the closing credits

That should do it, as after TTN 1 (ep 1) plays, it will continue its normal nav back to the menu.

Quite a bit of work to do but it should achieve what you want, all with freeware.

We go thru this convoluted process because you cant jump from VTS to VTS without going thru VMGM. So, this is how to do it. Please do not attach IFOs - we can't permit that.


7th November 2007, 03:26
Thanks for the comprehensive reply Blutach!

I'll have to print it, as im sure I will be referring back frequently LOL

I'll give it a shot at the weekend and report back how it went :)

now off to find a 'dummies guide to pcgedit' so I know where to put what :)