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21st October 2007, 20:18
I'm recompressing an Xvid AVi file using VirtualDubMod compressing to Xvid (2pass method)

for the second pass, I gave the option to get a prospected size of 667648 kbytes (652MB) ..... Why is my 2nd pass resulting AVI-file 721 Mb instead of the prospected 652 ?

BTW, I got the 667648 kbytes from the calc screen after setting the correct movie length, FPS and sound bitsetting.....

I know the codec can't make it 700MB perfect, but missing the target size at 21 MB is quite a bit much, ain't it

Thus I have no single idea how to createe a CD-fitting AVI file using Xvid codec ?:confused:

22nd October 2007, 03:14
coz thou shall not mess with advanced settings if you dont know what you're doing...
:search: ... and be sure to specify the oversize word in the search...


next time, before posting, have a look at the Stickies... expecially this one: https://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?t=92046

22nd October 2007, 16:13
Thanks Sharktooth, I have been searching the forum but getting the one result that actually is of help for a specific symptom is rather hard, especially on a huge forum like this.

About the messing with advanced settings, I didn't, I just did a 2-pass encoding, following this guide http://www.animemusicvideos.org/guides/avtech/xvid.html

Your link is exactly what I was looking for, I'll see if it can cure my problem.

Thanks a lot !


23rd October 2007, 05:08
Which XviD version are you using?

I've also seen some problems with hitting the specified bitrate, that was with 1.2.x.

Perhaps I'll look into it once I find some time (uni ends soon, yay).

23rd October 2007, 12:53
Hi Syskin, apparently I'm using Xvid 1.1.2.

Allthough I tried many times to uninstall Xvid 1.1.2 and then install version 1.1.3, unfortunatelly after every encode Gspot always tells me "XviD 1.1.2 Final".

I have no other idea how to actually check the version of Xvid, but apparently v1.1.3 doesn't want to install and VirtualDub(Mod) config points to v1.1.2. I'm completely nuts trying and trying and it always turns out to be v1.1.2 :confused:

Sharktooth pointed me to the oversized/undesized sticky, and after settings these values (Twopass - 2nd pass / more...)

- Overflow control strength(%) : 10
- Max overflow improvement(%) : 10
- Max overflow degradation(%) : 10

I get a final of exactly 700 MB (to fit on 1 CD-RW)

.... unfortunatelly, I have no idea if changing these values will degrade encoding quality.

As this thread is still active, perhaps I can ask another rather newbie question, searching the forum didn't reveal any proper explaining nor solving.

Here's what I'm trying to do :

I had a bunch of DVD's, which I created a Xvid +-700MB AVI file from. (I sold the DVD's second-hand)

This is what I want to do : I want those 700MB AVi files to have hardcoded subtitles in them...

So my Q is this : Is there any magical step that can do just that (I have the subs as .SRT and .SSA), or do I have to fully re-encode the AVI's again ? (Degrading quality once more) ?

I've read the thread about Sharktooth's quantum matrices.....

My Q's regarding these are :

- Since the thread discussing about these matrices abruptly ended some 8 months ago, do they still have any value, or are there better alternatives ?

- I've read the whole thread, and I only guess all those matrices are based on a DVD-source (meaning a multiple GB's source file)

What I want to do is just keep the original 700MB size but subtitles embedded, meaning leaving the bitrate almost unchanged at around 900kbps.

Sharktooth's EQM V3ULR matrice is aimed at such a target bitrate of around 900-1200 bps, (from a source of around 3000 - 4000 bps DVD) ... Thus this matrix is aimed at compressing the source as much as possible....

Now my question is pretty simple, since my source is only 900 kbps and my destenation file should also be around 900 kbps, is it adviced to use so a high-compression matrice, or should I actually use the complete contrary step : using a matrice like the EQM V3UHR (since this matrice will attempt to get the destination file bitrate as close to the source file bitrate as possible) ......

I'm completely stumped. :confused:

26th October 2007, 21:17
No single reply on some hot topics, I'm not surprised.

If you expect more than some :search: smilies, some links to some completely outdated faqs or tutorials, then you're definatelly in the wrong forum here.

I guess the newest walkthrough here is from 2002, that explains a lot about the 'use' of this forum.

There are better alternatives where "important" people actually try to help instead of automatically point you to some year-2001-FAQ or walkthrough....

So goodbye, It was nice to "know" you, but it feels better to leave this whole dumb Doom9 community behind.

Have a nice day and good luck with your bunch of erroring batchfiles ! :rolleyes:

27th October 2007, 02:35
nice attitude. maybe waiting some more for a reply would have been a better idea.
i think ppl doesnt get paid for answering your questions...
however, since you're in a hurry, yes, i think using the forum search function could have been an even better idea.
infact your questions have been already answered a lot of times...