View Full Version : cleaning of analog TV-broadcast recording

14th October 2007, 20:09
My recordings with BeyondTV4 is jerky and frezes all the time. I have tried to defrag, but no help. Is there a software that can clean/check the MPEG stream for me?

15th October 2007, 12:41
hi :)
sorry if this is a daft question,but does your pc meet the system requirements for it to work properly:

also,when you are recording,are you doing anything else with your pc at the same time?

16th October 2007, 21:17
Yes it meets the requirement with good margins, see my signature.

At snapstream I found this link:


My bios says that the temp is 34 degr on housing and 38 on cpu.

I am using McAfee antivirus, but I dont noe how to disangage any part of the hardisk etc.

It seems like the playback is skipping smaler and sometimes skips to the end. And after it freeze, if I do a fast forward or backwards, it will play again...