View Full Version : divxs and PowerDVD's Dolby Pro Logic 2

7th January 2002, 14:14
Is there a way to use the DolbyProLogic2 function of PowerDVD 4.0 in an avi player (like bsplay or zoom player).
The problem is that PowerDVD doesn't keep avi's aspect ratio, so divxs are unviewable in it, but DPL2 sound is quite useful... ;-)

7th January 2002, 15:16
You can use a program called YXY (which you find here: http://www.keohi.com/keohihdtv/htpc/yxy_windvd.html ) to correct the aspect ratio aof avis within PowerDVD.
It's not really convenient to use but works very well.


7th January 2002, 15:41
tried to use it, but it just resizes the window, you can't go fullscreen. :-(

7th January 2002, 17:28
You can watch divx on PowerDvd with correct aspect ratio. You should only install VobSub and in its propertis check 4:3 and always load. That all.

Whan you open avi file in PowerDVD you will have correct aspect ratio and be able to use advanced audio options of PowerDVD. This way of couse you can watch divx with subtitles in VobSub format too.

7th January 2002, 20:12
you can't go fullscreen. :-(


If you use blanking in YXY you'll get fullscreen.


10th January 2002, 23:51
If you have PowerDVD installed you could also use ZoomPlayer to recreate the graph of PowerDVD.

17th January 2002, 10:50
Unfortunately this will not work right. I created a media graph using with power dvd 4 xp audio decoder and audio effects filters. Everything plays back fine, but all of the settings are greyed out when I try to change the properties of the filters. This not only includes effects, but also the simple act of changing the # of speakers. I hope someone can figure out how to make this work!!!!