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7th January 2002, 09:29
Hi there!
well...I have to admit - I am a complete newbie in making SVCDs. I've been converting DVDs to divx using divx3 and Nandub, but since my goal is to buy a DVD standalone, I have to deal with SVCD (only because DVD-Recorders are so expensive :)).
Tried dvd2svcd - cool proggie, but I don't like to count on a program like this - all-in-one. I prefer to do it step-by-step - to know what I am doing.
I have managed to get pretty nice looking rip of StarWars I (2CDs). But I want to have subtitles and menus. So my first try was I-Author. Ok. I've got subtitles (ripped using subrip) muxed correctly. But the file is over 1.5GB - I have to split it- it appeared that the only (probably I'm mistaken here - you know - newbie in SVCD) proggie that can do it is - Ulead Media Studio Pro...well - it costs a lot...
So I have ripped to other format - Philips something (using subrip). Than I found this little proggie in one of dvd2svcd's directories - submux. Ok..I managed to mux it - but I don't know if it the way to do it... I want to have also cool menus - made using TSVC. So my questions:
- Am I doing the subtitles right???
- Is this way of doing subs going to work if I add menus made using TSVC??
- Any other ways of doing subtitles (not permanent)?? - I've read somewhere that people are using vcdxbuild - how to do it this way???
- Any other ways of correct splitting .mps files made using I-Author??
- Any other helpful hints???
Oh well...It's a lot...
Hope anybody can help me...
take care guys...

7th January 2002, 12:52
split mps: I have an mps to mpg prog on my site.. after that it's easy (bbmpeg)
submux & TSCV: you have to replace vcdimager 0.7.11 in tscv with vcdimager 0.7.12 (on my site) for the subs to work.
there's 2 ways to make selectable subs (make not that not every player that can play svcds supports either): submux, and i-author.

16th January 2002, 00:36
I used DVD2SVCD to burn SVCD with subtitles (1.0.5 build 4, SVCD subtitles)

When I play the disk (using Sampo DVE-611 player), it would not show the subtitles. When I press subtitle button on the remote it looks like the player lets you select subtitles, however they do not show.

I tried different things - and suddenly it worked! So I watched the movie with subtitles, and turned the player off.

The problem is - I do not remember how I got there. No matter what I did since - I was not able to get subtiiles any more.

Please help!

6th September 2002, 08:24
Originally posted by Doom9
split mps: I have an mps to mpg prog on my site.. after that it's easy (bbmpeg)

can you plz tell me what the prog name is called?

10th September 2002, 10:22
he said it : bbmpeg. Use it to split large SVCD files.

10th September 2002, 21:16

I bet you're choosing SVCD subtitle. Try CVD subtitle, it should work for your SAMPO-611. SAMPO-611 has this weird combination to display SVCD subtitle. I also own a SAMPO-611, and it happened like you describe, but when I switched to CVD subtitle, everything's fine now.


10th September 2002, 23:59
Originally posted by djidjo
he said it : bbmpeg."A program" refers to the mpg <-> mps converter called mpgxmps. I seem to remember it won't convert streams which already contain subs, though.
If you want subs, split your files first, then add subs.