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7th January 2002, 07:56
I'm a totally newbie (to capturing) and don't even have my own equip. Using my friend's hi8 sony camcorder via IEEE-1394 we captured video with Ulead Video Studio 4.0 (came with $50 1394 device), VirtualDub (couldn't figure it out to capture), SceneAnalyzer, MS MovieMakerXP. We did DV 720x480 29.97fps Type 1 and Type 2. Ok so when opening in virtualdub it tells us 'dvsd' decompressor not found. I search google and find we need to install the maincocept dv codec which would do and it works 100%. But we don't want to pay another $50 for a codec. I know Huffy is like 4 times the disc space but I want to use that. I've gone (on winxp) into control panel, sounds and audio devices, video codecs and Huffy is installed. So Huffy says to configure it to be used in whatever app. For the life of me I can't figure out how to do that. So we delete the main concept .dll. MS movie maker (yes I know it's a piece of crap) we configured it for DV source 25Mbps untouched. In virtualdub I see the option DirectStream Copy.

Can someone please guide me how to get the Huffycodec to be utilized in any of the forementioned programs. Also can VirtualDub only be used with capture cards and not with IEEE-1394 PCI cards? Tomorrow I'm brining my DV camcorder over to his house and going to capture some video instead of using his Sony Hi8 as the source. Maybe that'll help the situation.

7th January 2002, 20:08
Hi mrbass

I think Cart isn't around on the moment but you could take a look on his great capture site.
In highres cap with Vdub you can find how to set up Huffy
I posted some links in this thread

I think you could find some nice info on mb1 site he used Scenalyzer Live for DV capturing.


8th January 2002, 06:40
First of all, DV "capture" is simply a digital transfer, so usually the video is not recompressed using codecs like Huffyuv. Rather, it stays in its original DV format. There may be programs that can recompress the DV stream on the fly, but I'm not familiar with any.

Also, VirtualDub is not made to capture DV. It might work without any audio if you use the VFW -> WDM wrapper, but that's it.

What you can do is frameserve the video to VirtualDub. For example, Avisynth can open the video with the DirectShow DV filter and feed it to VirtualDub. See the Avisynth and Frameserving sections of my website for details:

Hope this helps,

8th January 2002, 06:44
Ulead Video Studio 4.0 should install a DV codec. If you don't have it any longer, the reinstall the software. Use Video Studio to capture a DV type-1 or type-2 AVI file.

If you get a type-2 file you can directly load it in VirtualDub and encode, e.g. to DivX/MP3.

In case of a type-1 DV AVI, you need to install AVISynth (read the README!). Then use a small AVS script containing:


Extract the audio as a WAV file using Video Studio. Then open the AVS script as video, and the WAV file as audio. Choose your video and audio compression setting and encode.


8th January 2002, 07:01
ok thanks guys...I'll try that avisynth in the next few days. DVD2SVCD partially solved our problem. with this email

Canopus has made a freeware dvsd converter + codec. Here's the link

Video Studio 4.0...just put in 5.0 but same thing give two options Ulead DirectShow Capture Plug-in or Ulead MPEG DirectShow Capture Plug-in.

8th January 2002, 07:11
If it makes your life easier, VirtualDub should be able to append the AVI segments together with File -> Append AVI segment.