View Full Version : Video 8 capture but tape is not centered

5th October 2007, 21:23
Hi, I'm capturing my old Video8 tapes via a Canopus ADVC55 unit and WinDV. It mostly works okay.
But I have one problem, on some of my videos the tape isn't centered. That makes the picture shift right to left slightly causing a slightly blurred picture. It can be easily seen by watching the right or left black edge.
Now I wonder if there is some good solution to this, either by a commercial program (ouch) or some filter to for instance VirtualDub?


6th October 2007, 00:32
Can you post some example frames?

Mug Funky
6th October 2007, 06:09
adjust tracking? the tapes were probably recorded with different tracking, or on a different device.

apart from that you could hunt down a TBC, but that may be more trouble than it's worth (sometimes they do jack-all on VHS signals).

generally once the video is digitised there's not much that can be done for timebase errors.

6th October 2007, 10:17
I'm playing the tapes on the same camera I recorded them on.
On the attached frames, look at the black edge in the upper right hand corner.
I was thinking there was some sort of intelligent detection of this edge and somhow realigning it.