View Full Version : How to highlight the subtitles ?

7th January 2002, 05:12
I think, I know how to add subtitles to a movie. But can anyone please tell me how to highlight the subtitles in sync with the audio. (That is after displaying the entire line, how can I highlight the words as they are heard.)


7th January 2002, 16:21
You may use Avery Lee's Subtitler plugin, which supports SSA.
Use Karaoke Mode with the {\K (word-by-word) and {\k tags.
More examples are given in the sample provided with the plugin.
Note that if you want to display the sub before it actually starts being played, use the "karaoke lead time", e.g. {\k50\k120}bla bla...

Avery Lee's Filter page (http://www.virtualdub.org/virtualdub_filters)



8th January 2002, 03:44
Thanx a lot Rasqual, this is excatly what I wanted. I'll get back to U if there are problems.