View Full Version : Name of filter to improve old VHS tapes image?

2nd October 2007, 03:22
Hi! I'm new into capturing analog signals (I haven't even got a capture card yet).

So I have a few questions before I get the card ready:

1.) Can I use VDub for any USB-capture card or only for a particular chip?

2.) What's the video filter that improve the old and a bit noisy VHS image?? Does it exist for avisynth?

3.) Can I apply filters while capturing in realtime? (amd x2 +5600 2 Gb)

4.) If the card comes with a software that I don't like, what soft would you suggest for beginners which accept filters?


3rd October 2007, 14:14
1. Not really sure, but I think VDub will work for any capture device supported by windows (i.e. has WDM drivers)

2. There are hundreds of filters in AviSynth. I find RemoveNoiseMc works well on VHS captures.

3. There are some filters that will filter in realtime (definitely not RemoveNoiseMc!) but most people capture losslessly then filter afterwards while frameserving to the encoder.

4. VirtualDub.

3rd October 2007, 16:20
Excellent, Flimsy! :D