View Full Version : Tsunami-MPEG DVD Author Pro

1st October 2007, 19:52
I've converted some video files to .vob format. I did it in The FilmMachine. As you might know, this program not only converts your files to .vob format but also makes all the necessary folders such as VIDEO_TS. I didn't have time to convert all my files at once so I've been converting them one at a time. Every file is new DVD structure which I didn't need so I just copied the .vob files to some other folder every time I converted any.

The only program to burn bare .vob files onto a DVD I know is Tsunami-MPEG DVD Author Pro. However, when i try to burn my .vob files using this software I get an error. It says that the audio bitrate is wrong. I've done some research and the program seems to support only bitrates of 128 kbps or higher. My files have audio bitrate of 64 kbps.

Do you know any patch for this or maybe just some other software?