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7th January 2002, 01:16
Hi all. My first post. Today I was minding my own business in Best Buy when I came across this card. Looked simple enough. Install it, plug it into my coax outlet & watch/record TV.

Well after hours of hassle it looks like I cannot record at all unless I connect a VCR or a Camcorder to this (I have neither). Is this true?

Well, that is not the worst problem I am having. For some reason I cannot even watch tv correctly. After the install I could watch fine. Then I closed the program down, and when I reopen it the picture is blurred (similar to when you have your TV on the wrong channel when watching cable. I hear everything fine. The only way to see the picture is to click the RECORD button. Odd eh? While recording I can see fine. (of course I can't watch what I record since I am not hooked up to a VCR or Camcorder) I can not flip channels while recording either.

I have the most recent version of the drivers & software from ATI. I have XP so the 8.0 dx patch does not work for me. Any ideas on how I can fix this?

If it is not fixable is there a card out there (not a video card but an additional PCI card like this brand as my GeForce 3 card is installed for gaming)tha will allow me to record from my cable connection directly to my hard drive?


7th January 2002, 03:12
hi, i have the same card. the MMC wouldnt work in XP for me but maybe thats because i forgot to update to 7.1, anyway i just installed the latest drivers, and use Virtual Dub to capture and it works fine in XP. forget the MMC its crap anyway. look at Cart's (the forum mod) web site on capturing its a great help for fine tuning and capturing with VDub. hope you have more luck.

ps. to anyone else DONT GET THIS CARD, its shit, the software is buggy that comes with it and theres no S Video input. theres a composite video input but no audio inputs, i suppose you have to combine audio/video into the same composite cable? i would recommend getting a different card in any case as i did not enjoy the hassles of this one

7th January 2002, 03:39

Thanks for your reply...but that doesn't quite help my issue. I cannot even watch tv, much less record. Is there a free player that will allow me to watch? If not will getting the USB version of this card make any difference?

7th January 2002, 04:21
I cannot watch TV UNLESS I am recording! Arg this is frustrating. Please help before I gnaw my arm off.

7th January 2002, 08:12
For those curious, after about 10 hours of surfing I FINALLY found the answer to my problem. The answer was actually on ATI's site, but since it is so crummy I actually had to find the link to it from the WebFerret search engine.


The bottom "suggestion" is the only thing that solves the issue, and needless to say it does get pretty aggrevating.

Still a fun toy though, watching MSNBC as I type. :) I am gonna look around for a better card.

7th January 2002, 17:55
maybe you should update your video drivers :confused:

or have you already done this and it doesnt fix it? i had nvidia v23.11 or something and this didnt happen to me.