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7th January 2002, 00:30
Hey, first of all, i dont know if this thread should be in this section, or the audio encoding section. Moderators feel free to move this thread to the appropriate section. Anyways here is my question:
I have a few concert dvd's, adn i was just wondering if i could back up the Ac3 or DTS soundtrack, adn only play that and only that. I dont care about the video or anything else. Is it possible for me to just demux the AC3 or DTS soundtrack of the concert, and somehow burn it onto my cd-r so that i can play it back on my dvd player with it playing back the DTS or AC3 soundtrack. Sorry if this is just s astupid question, but is it possible adn if so , then how???

Thanks in advance

7th January 2002, 00:49
Moved into Audio Encoding. Yes, it is possible, you can keep it in AC3 or convert it into MP3 if you wish. Re-encode an AC3 Track into a lower bitrate guide (http://doom9.mat.cc/transcode_ac3.htm) OR Extract AC3 (keep bitrate) (http://doom9.mat.cc/ac3_procedures.htm).

7th January 2002, 01:29
Yes i know that i can get the ac3 soundtrack from teh dvd, and i know how to, i am asking, if i can burn it like maybe a mini dvd, so that i can play the ac3 on my dvd player, is that possible???

7th January 2002, 01:41
Ahhh... now I understand. http://www.digital-digest.com/dvd/support/dolbycd.html (Digital Digest AC3 CD Guide) - I know it's to convert MP3's into AC3 then burn but you can adapt it. From as far as I can make out, all you have to do is burn the AC3 file.

7th January 2002, 02:53
THanks for that link :D, So you'r saying that if i just demux the ac3 soundtrack, adn just burn it by itself, (ie: in on folders or anything) then the dvd player should pick it up and just start playing it??

7th January 2002, 11:25
Yes, it appears that's all you got to do.