View Full Version : Program to analyze video & discern whether it's telecined?

22nd September 2007, 05:59
Is there any program that can be used to analyze a captured 29.97fps video for 5-30 minutes and tell you how confident it is that the video it just analyzed might or might not REALLY be telecined 24fps film source?

The reason I'm asking is because I have an old video that I captured a few days ago that I just can't make look right. In fact, I can't even watch it for more than a few minutes without getting a queasy feeling. I suspect it's because the captured video's temporal cadence is all screwed up (it's a vidcap of a second- or third-generation vcr-to-vcr copy made ~10-15 years ago), and visibly lurches when playing. I think there's about a 10% chance it might have originally been from film, in which case I could probably clean it up to 24fps progressive, then re-telecine it at a stable 59.94 fields/second. But it takes so incredibly long to re-encode it (~6fps on my fast PC due to all the avisynth filters I have running on it), I want to at least have a clue whether or not it's likely to succeed before I tie up my computer for another 6-10 hours making yet another try at re-encoding it.

22nd September 2007, 06:16
Separate the fields and inspect it by eye, looking for the signature of 3:2 pulldown. That is the only reliable method.

25th September 2007, 21:55
Hello in Miami,

This very forum, try a program called AVSP which can give you a preview of your avisynth script.