View Full Version : BeSweet Gui 0.5 won't run anymore

6th January 2002, 17:33
Downloaded it 1 week ago and it runs.

Now i'll get an error like this:

Runtime error 03 or 05

I've dl the Gui again and restarted the computer and there was the same error.

Can somebody help?

6th January 2002, 18:07
I think the new version is 0.6b10. You should be able to download it from DSPguru's nice page.


Delete your old folder and try the new version.

6th January 2002, 18:10
Nope ... nothing works

6th January 2002, 18:23
What OS are you running? Sounds like something got hosed in your OS.

6th January 2002, 18:30

6th January 2002, 18:35
No offense but that sort of explains it then;)

Perhap's DD can respond and give you some advice.

6th January 2002, 19:00
Why does that explain it Matter? I'm using Win98SE also and I've never had any problems with it.

6th January 2002, 19:14
If I'm not mistaking DD's GUI is using Visual Basic. I might be wrong. A couple of years back when I was using Win98SE the VB libraries always got hosed and had to be installed. Now with Win2K and WinXP those libraries are protected system files so the chance of hosing them are much less AFAIK.

6th January 2002, 19:33
DD's GUI is written in VB, and yes, there are memory issues in current version.
DD is already aware to this, and working on it :).

6th January 2002, 23:08

What is the Exact Error?


6th January 2002, 23:25
I also experienced myself occasionally in the past similar runtime errors #5 or #7 (can't remember exactly) with WinME after updating the GUI. I had either to reboot or delete the INI profiles and the problem was solved. Btw, DD please fix the stream selection bug that happens when you have a vob list input. BeSweet needs to have the -substream switch specified, otherwise Azid crashes or complains for illegal frame sizes and CRC errors (E6 and E7 errors).

6th January 2002, 23:28

DD please fix the stream selection bug that happens when you have a vob list input.

Check 0.6 b11 at http://go.to/DanniDin :)

The Memory Problem will Be Fixed at Some Point in the Future...


6th January 2002, 23:34
Thanx a lot :) It now works fine!

6th January 2002, 23:36