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5th January 2002, 23:36
Hi folks,

Recently I've bought me the "Pulp Fiction" DVD in Germany. (Reg 2)
If I choose the English language I'm forced to watch whose stupid German subtitles.

Does anybody know how it is possible to make them vanish?

I'm using a LG DVD-drive and PoverDVD 3.0, but I'm also open to other software.

Thank you in advance


some of my thoughts:

- One way might be to change the restrictions in the .IFO file and
save them to harddisk (IfoEdit as editing tool),
with PowerDVD this file could be opened.
But it's searching for the files in the same directory on the HD.
How could it be changed to search on DVD-drive?

- Another way might be to make PowerDVD ignore the setting of the IFO- file. But how realize?

11th January 2002, 14:16
When you rip the DVD with DivX, it shouldn't pose any problems: rip the english movie, rip the german language and join both.

11th January 2002, 15:39
I'm not sure if i remember right, but can PowerDVD open the .vob's directly?

12th January 2002, 18:44
i'm aware that ripping the dvd to divx is a solution to make the subtitles vanish (i already did it), but this is not the thing i want. i would like to watch the film without subtitles from this fucking dvd i bought.

yes, it is possible to open vob files with power-dvd.
but how can i change the language then, because german is default?
i've heard of tools which can read the position of the audio-stream, also without having the ifo file, but none of the the ones i found yet
is also able to play them, it's only possible to save the audio to disk.
and what i don't want to do is play the film with mute and let the audio come from disk. then i prefer to use my divx rip.

it's also possible to open .ifo files with power-dvd
but language change is disabled in the ifo-file of pulp fiction.

5th February 2002, 07:08
I'm pretty sure you'll need PowerDVD 4.0 to play VOBs directly.