View Full Version : Reencoding some VHS Videos? (better image quality)

5th January 2002, 16:51

I have some VHS videos and i have captured to my hdd. What i want to do now is reencode with TMPGenc using some setting in order to get a better image quality (since there is a lot of "interference"?, noise, etc etc). I have captured at 640x480, 29.97. The videos are some Batman:The Animated Series episodies.

Thanks in advance


5th January 2002, 19:58
Have you tried the noise reduction function built in to tmpge?
check the box nex to the filter and then double click the noise reduction filter name and you can view the effect the different settings will have.;)

it is in the settings for the template

5th January 2002, 20:57
The noise filter in TMPGEnc is good but very slow. I suggest that you also try avisynth's TemporalSmoother() function or VirtualDub's built in temporal smoother filter. They both do the same thing (though avisynth's can work in YUV color space) and I use a setting of 4 for both of them. 4 seems to do a good job of cleaning up noise while not creating any noticable smearing.


6th January 2002, 13:31
I would prefer Avisynths SpatialSoften.

TemporalSoften has no effect on areas with motion. SpatialSoften is slower but will reduce noise quite well.

I'd use something like this

SpatialSoften(2,4,4) #play around with the settings

btw TemporalSoften has a small bug. Your script will/might not work if TemporalSoften is used before Resizing.