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5th January 2002, 12:46
hi just wondering if anyone out there has a toshiba sd-1300?? If anyone of you guys do how well does it play svcds?? mine seems to play them fine apart from the fact that the audio is about one second behind the video. While the svcd is playing in this dvd player there is no choppiness and the video quality is very good. The only thing I am annoyed about is the fact that the audio is about a second behind the video. When i play the svcd on my computer the audio and video are in synch so i think it has to do with my dvd player!!!! NO!!!!!!!! I spent like around $499 AUD on it and this kinda annoys me A LOT!!!! I did burn it on a cdrw so do u think that has anything to do with it?? I also did burn in on a 74 min cd when it said in vcdimager log file that the bin file will be roughly about 74 mins and 18 seconds. Do you think if i made the mpg files smaller in bbmpeg that that would make a different?? maybe 735 mb instead of 740 mb?? does anyone have any suggestions so that i can get the audio and video in synch on my dvd player???? PLEASE HELP ME!!!! I am burning a Pal movie and if anyone wanted to know what movie it is, well its dude where's my car. No comments about the movie please I just want to get this problem solved so I can make more svcds!!! Any help will be greatly appreciated!!! thanks a lot

5th January 2002, 13:42
I had this problem and returned the player for a pioneer 344, same price. It seems to have a video bitrate limit of 2400 (when using 224 audio anyway) but that's okay.

Others have said they have no syncing problems. I suspect it may be because theirs are multizone. That involves chipping and the changed firmware may fix the problem (syncing problems on at least one overseas toshiba model occur only with certain firmware). Getting multizone will cost you $100 extra though :(

I tried cce and tmpgenc to encode, and nero and vcdimager to author. Also tried different bitrates and both 44.1 and 48 khz sound. Tried a couple of different brands of cdrw and verbatim blue back cd-rs.

A couple of samples from vcdhelp did play in sync a couple of times, out of like 16 times I played them.

BTW wrong forum.

5th January 2002, 19:20
play with "audio delay offset" settings while muxing with bbmpeg.

6th January 2002, 15:31
thanks for the reply guys. Matthew my player is a multi region one but do you know how I can actually test this without using a dvd from a different region??? I am from Australia so the region coding is 4 ,the shop that sold it to me said it is multi region but I am yet to test this out. do you know anyone that has actually overcome my problem??? do you know anyone that has not encountered this problem with this player???

mozart what are some good settings that I should try with the audio delay offset?? the default values are all 180 so what value should i put in for the audio if it is a little infront of the video?? should it be higher or lower than 180???

thanks guys

7th January 2002, 13:04
anyone out there know some forums that discuss the toshiba sd-1300 in depth??? thanks

8th January 2002, 17:48
could someone please post a reply??? I really hate to do this, but I rang the guy at the shop and they said it has something to do with the software on creating the svcds. I am highly doubting any will reply to this message but could someone help me out here. Just really annoyed that this player cant play svcds properly!!!!

3rd March 2002, 10:02
I have a toshiba sd-1300 that has been modified to make it multiregion. I found dvd2svcd to be a great program but experienced the audio sync problem. The only way I found to fix it is to set it not to make the cd images and then load the .mpg files into Roxio Videopack. Videopack says the system mux rate is incorrect, demux and remuxes the file, and then burns it to CD. The SVCD then plays perfectly in my player and a friends Pioneer (unknown model) but not PowerDVD 4 which complains about an unrecognised cd format. I have noticed videopack creates svcds with the mpegav directory which I think is incorrect for the svcd standard. The friends player of course plays the images directly from dvd2svcd without the extra step.
I did try modifying the startup delays to fix the sync problem but that made it play out of sync on the friends player.

Since videopack was complaining about the mux rate I tried running bbmpeg and muxing the files using the SVCD setting (Video pack then thinks it is fine) and then doing a crash recovery from the cd image creation stage in dvd2svcd but still get out of sync svcds.

I would love to know what videopack does but don't have the skills. All I know is using it fixes the problem.:confused: