View Full Version : VobSub VDub Plugin 2.06 - Edit Subtiteles

5th January 2002, 10:45

I use VobSub to Subtitle my Video. Now I have a little problem. I must edit the Subtitles (the text displayed under the Video), but I don't know a program, which can edit them. Can anyone of you help me ?

PS: Sorry for my english...

5th January 2002, 11:16
As far as i know there isn't a utility to edit VobSub subtitles since they are the compressed vob subtitle stream and VobSub just renders them for the video. if you want perminate subs then you would have to use a Proceess like use SubRip to rip the subtitles you want off the dvd. Save it to srt format.. then Edit the places that you need in the srt.. Get the srt->ssa converter program and convert to ssa then use Avery Lee's Subtitle plugin and burn the ssa into the video.. or if you would like on/off subtitles you can leave it as srt after you edit it and just use DirectVobSub to place the subtitles on the video during playback.

5th January 2002, 11:19
Thx... where can I get this Plugin ?? Can you give me an URL ?

5th January 2002, 12:32
You can get the virtualdub plugin on doom9's software page under the subtitle section http://www.doom9.org/software.htm#subs
its just called VirtualDub Subtitler Plugin