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10th August 2007, 05:26
I'm looking to capture my 360 games on my computer, but I play in high def, and can not afford a high def capture card. So I'm still using my 55pro that I've never had any problems with. I bout this "AveryMedia" device that converts resolutions up 1280x1024 into a managable composite or s-video signal, which I run into my capture card. Trouble is, some of the time, it jitters up and down. Not sure if theirs someting wrong with the card or what. I have a high quality belkin 30ft s-video cable, I wouldn't suspect it, but I may try running composite just in case. If it turns out to be the AveryMedia device, what are my alternatives?

10th August 2007, 05:52
The first half of video is svideo jitter, I just plugged in composite and it is REALLY messed up, with white flashes going doing the screen. Watch the attached vid to see.

10th August 2007, 06:20
I don't think my file attached

10th August 2007, 19:49
A 30ft cable is really pushing it and for grins I would try it with a 6ft or less if possible. As a test take the 360 to the computer and try it with the shorter cable there.

Other than that I'd suspect the "AveryMedia" is generating a somewhat non-standard signal. Monitors are usually forgiving on that but capture cards aren't.

10th August 2007, 20:50
It's a high grade belkin s-video cable that I just purchased from newegg. Before I had a high def set I used a 30ft composite which worked great. When I connected the composite with the converter box it had a bunch of weird white scans flashing down the screen, and the border of the screen had a bunch of waves on each side.

I'm suspecting the AveryMedia device. I'm going to rma it, and pick up a replacment product at a local radio shack. ;)

I'll update thread with results soon!

10th August 2007, 23:50
Well, I purchased a Radio Shack unit that was VERY close to fullfilling my needs. It did not exhibit the same issue that the averymedia device did, but only supported the 1024x768 max rez on my tv. It also didn't use a seperate vga port like the avery one did, so it was setup on a Y cable, which appeared to degrade my normal viewing on my tv quite a bit. Those are a couple of pretty big short commings, but I was VERY suprised with the options found on Radio shack "Gigaware" converter. It came with a remote, and even a osd interface to size horizontally, vertically, brightness contrast adjustments. I was very satisfied with the converted quality, but my normal high def viewing had been downgraded significantly, so I'm taking it back.

If you think of anything that might work better for my purposes, I'd try anything at this point.