View Full Version : can't transfer .mkv files to external harddrive

5th August 2007, 22:35
Hey guys everytime i try to transfer my .mkv files to an external hard drive it keeps saying file too large.....even when there is more than enough space for the file on the external hard drive.

I know this shouldn't be happening because my friend has no problem transferring .mkv files to his external hard drive.

So, my question is, what am i doing wrong, or what do i need to do to be able to transfer the files?

5th August 2007, 22:52
Is the HD formatted as FAT32 (and are these files > 4GB)?

5th August 2007, 22:55
these files are above 4gb and i don't think the hard drive is formatted as FAT32.

i can format it to fat32 and is it a big problem if the files are above 4 gb?

5th August 2007, 22:59
A FAT32 partition cannot hold a file 4GB or larger. You need to convert the filesystem (assuming you are not planning on using an OS which cannot understand NTFS with the drive).


convert e: /fs:ntfs

at a command prompt, using the correct drive letter if you want to convert without losing data. Read this first:

5th August 2007, 23:02
many thanks mitsubishi,

i think i'm going to reformat the entire hard drive to ntfs. and yeah, i am using windows