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4th January 2002, 17:25
I'm ripping Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, following the instructions completely as provided by Doom9's Gordian Knot (divx3) guide. Obviously it being a foreign film I want subtitles with this release, and I ripped the ifo/idx/sub files according to the guide. However, when I try to play the finished movie, a "Wrong file version!" error message pops up, and while the movie plays fine, the language selection thing is greyed out so I can't see the subs. I don't know what could be wrong, because I have theFrail's release of Traffic, which includes subtitles as ifo/idx/sub files, and I can view them fine. Can anybody give me a heads upon what went wrong?

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4th January 2002, 20:18
Maybe you have an old version of VobSub package. I remember one old version, on which I had the same bug, as yours. Try to install new soft.

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5th January 2002, 01:11
Hmm. I installed vobsub from the GordianKnot package though, so in theory it should work. I'll try installing a new version though. BTW...I won't have to rerip the whole movie right? Just the sub files? Thanks.

5th January 2002, 15:00
Yes, you don't have to rerip the movie. VobSub can decode vobs on the fly, so you can rip subs directly form the DVD.

10th January 2002, 14:55
Got the same problem here, ripped the subs from HANNIBAL with vobsub from the GKnot installer, they were to big so i deceided to rip em again with less languages...

...Installed 2.07 meanwhile....

I reripped the movie to my hd, want to open the files but I get the wrong version error twice....

And ripping right from the dvd doesn't work here (vobsub config hangs)


11th January 2002, 04:29
I would check your system just to make sure that it isn't loading a Old version of vobsub.dll when you try to play it.. Also the Wrong file version stuff is basically gabest has changed the file format a few times and when you get that means you ripped it with a higher version of vobsub that the one you are using currently don't support. Also with 2.07 you only load idx/sub files now.. no more need for the ifo files. So make sure you are loading the right idx files.. a couple times i have accidently loaded teh smartripper idx file instead of VobSub's and got that error.

11th January 2002, 10:47
Well I fixed it by reinstalling the 2.05 version that comes with gknot