View Full Version : Can't Put The Make On The Queen, HELP Needed

16th July 2007, 01:07
The Queen is being stubborn. Followed the directions to open ripit4me, choose the mode and then load the disc. Still gives the clean your disc message. Anybody else have this problem?

16th July 2007, 01:23

Sounds like you have a damaged/dirty/or poorly manufactured DVD.

I'd suggest you return it to the place of purchase in exchange for a new replacement...

16th July 2007, 01:56
Did that already. They both were brand new. Now what?

16th July 2007, 03:50
Trouble with any other original DVDs?

Try running a DVD/CD cleaning disc on your DVD-ROM/burner. Maxell makes one that sells for about $10US.

Try ripping it on a different DVD-ROM/burner/system.

Again, I had no difficulty using the specific procedures stated with "RipIt4Me" v.1.64 with the Region 1 version of "The Queen"...

BTW - Are you able to PLAY the commercial DVD on your PC? On a standalone player?

3rd August 2007, 18:38
Sorry for the delay, I tried all that, my version of RipIt4Me is would that make a difference? Any one else not able to backup the Queen?

3rd August 2007, 21:03
I just tried a third dvd drive and , same thing, and yes it plays fine all the way through with no problems.