View Full Version : Besweet ac3 to ac3, why it does lower the volume ?

4th July 2007, 17:24

I am trying to convert an ac3 from PAL to NTSC
the thing is :
I first tried to make 6 wav to be editable by adobe audition
using this method (http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?p=1013358)
but my HDD failed when trying to makes a 5.1 WAV (it takes longer and longer, the beginning is quite "quick", then it become slower and slower, and once it just froze windows...)

after I saw Besweet had this option :rolleyes: so it's much easier, (except for finding the delay between both video version)

here is the problem :

I really dont understand why Besweet lower the volume of the ac3 when converting it to another thing (ac3, Wav...)
I am using besweet 1.4

I did uncheck every downmix level,
I tried to uncheck "Use Dialog Normalization Reduction"
but when transcoding it still use this stuff, so I'm force to copy and paste the command line, and delete the "-n1" part from it so it don't use this option
but Still !!
command line can't be more simple, it only specify the PAL to NTSC convert, and the ac3 bitrate, no more !

... and besweet still lower the volume of the ac3 ????? why ??!! :( :mad:

can't he just convert it without touching to the volume ?

to prevent this I am forced to make a gain of 3db but I would prefer not to, cause it sometimes saturate the sound on some peak, not often but sometimes...

thanks by advance for helping, lighting me =)

7th July 2007, 14:27
It's an (very) old bug of ac3enc.dll. Use Aften instead of besweet.

7th July 2007, 23:46
thx a lot for answering susana, was scared to be forgotten =)

so, if it is a very old bug, is it not fixed yet ???

and, like I said, unfortunately my hdd failed at copying 6 wavs in a 5.1 WAV with wavewizard 0.54b,
so I was scared besweet make the same bug by transcoding ac3 to 5.1 WAV (to prevent using wavewizard which I cannot on such big files)

but I just tested it on a sample of the video, and apparently the result looks fine, it seems that the volume didn't change

So I just need to remake some free space to transcode the big ac3 to 5.1 WAV

thanks again

8th July 2007, 01:53
so, if it is a very old bug, is it not fixed yet ???
The last BeLight (BeSweet GUI) can use Aften to encode ac3 and without intermediate big wav files.

You can use also BeHappy/Bepipe/SoundOut (AviSynth based methods) to do the job without wav files.

11th July 2007, 18:14
The last BeLight (BeSweet GUI) can use Aften to encode ac3 and without intermediate big wav files.
hmmmm thx but, I just test belight at the moment, and... something weird :

I just put every files in belight directory (aften exe last release, bsn.dll last release, besweet 1.5 exe, etc etc)
I point out besweet exe, belight exe
but I don't know what is this SoX so I enter nothing in there

the thing is, when I want to add my ac3 in the project, nothing happens :mad: :confused:
(the file does not show in the list, and does not show in the command line)

so... what the **** ?? :confused: :(

12th July 2007, 00:50
I don't know what is your problem.

You can try also BeHappy/Bepipe/SoundOut-AviSynth method.